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Welcome! My name is Vijay Patel and I am a 4th year Computer Engineering and Management student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

I have been fascinated with technology ever since I was young. I love building things (hardware or software), learning new technologies,and I have a minor interest in finance/accounting.

My journey into the professional workplace began at my first co-op as an IT Analyst at TD. At this position I helped created a process to manage security risks related segregation of duties as well as creating Python scripts for cloud monitoring.

From this experience, I transitioned into the role of a DevOps Engineer Intern at my next internship at Dream Payments. During this time, I was working on multiple tasks related to their build and deployment processes, as well as other tasks related to cloud infrastructure, using technologies like AWS and Kubernetes.

I then returned to TD as a Software Developer Intern, where I was working on the Enterprise Payments team to set up TD's real-time payments service, using the Java-based Spring framework to build APIs for mobile and web channels.

More recently, I spent the past summer at PagerDuty as an infrastructure Software Engineering Intern helping the SRE-Delivery team with developer enablement and tooling for our infrastructure.


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